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Smoked Cotton Candy and Other Delights at Tales of the Cocktail

On Thursday, July 26 at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, I'm giving a talk about sugar. I hope you'll attend. 

Along with information, we'll be serving up sugar in a few forms. The most fantabulous will be as smoked cotton candy. Then while listening to the seminar you can dunk that cotton candy into a sugarless Rum Manhattan (just aged rum and bitters) to sweeten it up. Fun and sticky!

For your intellectual refreshment, we'll be providing you with information on:

  • How sugar changed the course of history
  • How sugar is was made historically and how it is made today
  • What are the least 'processed' sugars and what does that really mean?
  • Distilling sugar and molasses into rum and biofuel 
  • Sugar in cocktails - simple (and complicated) syrups, heating vs. cold dissolved, viscosity, etc. 
  • More fun with sugar- dehydrating liqueurs, garnish, candying, and more!

We were going to attempt to make white sugar from cane during the seminar (we still have a centrifuge on standby) but it appears that the 'sulphitation and liming' steps are getting in the way!

I'm joined in my talk by Bacardi Brand Master David Cid, who has been blowing my mind with the depth of his knowledge about everything to do with sugar and rum. Also, the smoked cotton candy was his idea so PROPS.

For more seminar information, please follow this link.  For tickets, go here.

The seminar is called Sugar: How Sweet It Is!

Thursday, July 26th from 3:00 - 4:30 PM