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Cocktail Menu: Lorelei in Warsaw, Poland

I received and email from Karol of the bar Lorelei in Warsaw, who says s/he's been reading Alcademics and making clear ice at the bar. 

Karol shared the menu, which is below. Smoked syrup, Angostura-caramelized raisins, fig-infused rum: This looks far more sophisticated than anywhere I visited last year. A good reason to come back...

Click below for the full menu.

spring/summer 2012
our cocktail menu comes from a passion for mixology, exquisite liquors, fresh and aromatic ingredients, herbs, and spices. homemade infusions, bitters, and syrups are combined in a way that amuses and gives a unique pleasure of drinking. our experiments with molecular mixology can surprise your senses when drinking well known alcohol in the form of foam, caviar or jelly. we can offer you an unusual experience of tasting a mixture smoked with herbs or peculiar sort of wood during its preparation. we can even make you favorite drink to sparkle! please, let us invite you to taste the cocktails we’ve prepared for you in this spring & summer menu.

JUST CRUSH: the sweet & sour taste of this cocktail comes from gold rum, limes, homemade smoked apricot syrup, and plums caramelized with vanilla sugar.

LIQUID LUCK: this sweet cocktail mixes gin with the warm flavor of strawberries, our intriguing chamomile & thyme syrup, lime juice, and rose water.

CRISP PEAR COLLINS: this fruity long drink is created with pear vodka and fresh orange & lime juices, enriched with the distinct flavors of ginger & cardamom.

MINT LIME CRUST: refreshing cocktail based on gin, premium orange & mint liqueurs, fresh lime & lemon juices, with a hint of grapefruit & lemon grass.

BRITISH SOUR: this sour is typically british combination of rhubarb & ginger which also includes our vanilla infused vodka & aromatic bitters.

RAISIN SHINE: this cocktail is a smooth composition of bourbon, sweet red vermouth, and raisins caramelized with angostura.


REGRESO A CUBA: a variation on the cuba libre – it consists of fig infused cuban rum smoked with oak wood, coca-cola, and a touch of grapefruit flavor.

DREAM DAIQUIRI: this gentle composition is based on gold rum & blackberry liqueur, which come along with dark grapes & vanilla infused sugar, all covered with a pleasant foam.

JULEP HEAVEN: this distinct drink is a combination of bourbon & apricot liqueur, enriched with warm hint of mirabelle plum syrup & fresh peppermint.

FRENCH DUCK: in this subtle twist of the sidecar taste of cognac is emphasized with french orange liqueur, fresh limes, and aromatic vanilla syrup.

DOROTHY’S MARGARITA: this slightly sour cocktail mixes aged tequila with rose & hibiscus petals syrup, fresh lime juice, and egg white.

HERBAL SOUR: this citrus & herbal drink is created with rum, benedictine liqueur, lemon & orange juices, sweetened with honey, and finished with an aroma of fresh sage.


SPICE BERRY SHOTS: lorelei’s true hit! it combines vodka with raspberry or strawberry mousse, with a touch of chili syrup & vanilla infused sugar.

CITRUS SHOOTERS: the freshness of these shots comes from citrus juices – lemon, orange & grapefruit – as well as the supreme polish grapefruit vodka.

NOUGAT SHOTS: these creamy & sweet shots are made with vodka, chocolate liqueur, cream, and vanilla & hazelnut syrups.

gentle & refreshing cocktails – also served in 1-litre jugs

MOSCOW MULE: the recipe for this 70 years old american classic is simple & refreshing – vodka, limes, and ginger ale.

APEROL SPRITZ: an italian solution for summer heats – combination of aperol (more delicate version of campari), white wine, and soda water.

SANGRIA: a red wine prepared in the spanish manner – over the ice, with fresh fruits, sweetened with honey, and fortified with brandy.



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