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Cocktail Menu: New Drinks at The Alembic in San Francisco

Daniel Hyatt of The Alembic bar in San Francisco has updated most of the drinks on the "New School" portion of the cocktail menu. The menu goes live next week.

Alembic logo

I see: cucumber ice, bourbon infused with toasted rice, pistachio cream, onion juice, walmeister syrup. Looking forward to trying these!

New School

The Vow of Silence
a rubenesque version of the derby
cocktail, we use wild turkey rye whiskey,
benedictine, creme de griotte, and a dash
of bitters. responsible for breaking more
than one vow.

Kool Thing
just in time for our indian summer, we
present this brisk little elixir. appleton
estate rum, housemade lime cordial and
soda served over cucumber infused ice
with a little cherry on top. remember to set
an alarm because we aren’t living on island
time here.

Brown Sugar
how come you taste so good? oh yeah,
that’s because we infuse larceny bourbon
with toasted brown rice and mix it up with
fresh mint, peach brandy and a touch of
chai spices. it’s the devil’s julep.

Last Caress
yeah, i got something to say, but that can
wait. first, try a little housemade limoncello
with sweet vermouth and a touch of
blue bottle coffee tincture topped with a
bit of pistachio infused cream. Then we’ll

Rise Above
when it’s time to pump your fists, we humbly
suggest you’re holding one of these.
tapatio tequila with lillet rose, fresh
lemon juice and some rose hip syrup. pink
rock at its finest.

Southern Exposure
another refreshing elixir plucked straight
from the garden, our spin on the classic
southside uses junipero gin, fresh mint,
lime juice, a touch of sugar and a little
shot of fresh celery juice. loaded with
antioxidants to help deal with the haight’s
population of free "radicals".

Shine on your Crazy Diamon
anytime of daycould be the right time for
the old morning classic bloody mary. so go
get one someplace else, we have a better
idea. on a solid base of london dry gin,
we’re slapping down a mix of red bell
pepper, anaheim chile and onion juices with
a little dash of crystal hot sauce and a
cinnamon toast crouton. ask nicely and we
might drop a raw quail egg on there for
you ($1 extra, nothing is free)

Green Fuzz
we just had to take the opportunity to kick
the old shandy in the backside. our sister
pub and brewery crafts a great german
style golden ale, but we like to drink it
with a bit of apple brandy and housemade
waldmeister syrup. jump to your feet and
let us get you high.



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