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Cocktail Menu: Riffle NW in Portland, OR Updates

San Francisco bartender Brandon Josie relocated to Portland, Oregon to take the job of bar manager at Riffle NW, a seafood restaurant.

I posted the original cocktail menu here. This is a menu update with Brandon Josie in charge. These new drinks go live on September 6th. 


Riffle Collins
gin, lemon, lime, celery, absinthe, salt, soda
Heights of Diamond
scotch, amaro, grapefruit, dry vermouth
pepper vodka, peach, lemon, honey, egg white
Beach House
rum, fino sherry, carmelized banana, coconut, lime
Jerez Cooler
muscatel sherry, sweet vermouth, lemon, quinine, white pepper, soda
RNW Pimm's
pimm's, watermelon, lemon, soda
Luini's Gift
mezcal, amaretto, grapefruit, lime, cardamom
Ol' Kill-Devil
dark rum, mole bitters, pineapple-masala
RNW Martini
potato vodka, aquavit, dry vermouth, dockside bitters
st germain, dubonnet, IPA, lemon
TWISTS ON TAP (variations on classics, working title "Under Pressure"):
El Diablo
kaffir lime tequila, cassis, lime, ginger, soda
aperol, bonal, soda
Roman Punch
clove cognac, rum, maraschino, lemon, orange, bitters
Remember the Maine
bourbon, hibiscus-rose byrrh, cherry, absinthe, bitters