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Cocktail Menu: The Churchill in Los Angeles

Mia Sarazen has taken over the cocktail program at The Churchill in Los Angeles. Her introductory menu launched last week.


“The Grand Alliance” : Plymouth Gin, Carpano, Campari, Maraschino
“Hyde Park Fizz" : Nolet's gin, Bonal Quina, honey, lime, cucumber, basil, soda
“Thirsty in LA” : Correlejo Reposado, Aperol, Ciociaro Amaro, mezcal rinse
“The Iron Mule” : Russian Standard, ginger, lime, soda, bitters
“Norman’s Cable Car” : Sailor Jerry Rum, housemade curacao, lemon, cinnamon&sugar rim
“The Churchill Old Fashioned” : Old Fitzgerald bourbon, house bitters, sugar
“The Statesman" : Famous Grouse, apricot, lemon, baked apple bitters, sparkling
“Baby’s First Bourbon” : Bulleit Bourbon, orgeat, lemon, dashes house bitters
“The Bulldog" : Milagro blanco, passion, pineapple, lime, jalepeno
“Rye 2 Ways” : Bulleit Rye, dry vermouth, grenadine, lemon, up. Or add Allagash White for Fizzy & Tall.
“The Grapes of Wrath” : Kappa Pisco, lime, pineapple, whites, bitters, cinnamon
“Amelia” : Kettle One, lemon, St.Germain,violet, blackberries