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Coming to Austin: Whiskies of the World on November 2

Whiskies of the World comes to Austin November 2. 

Progressive and vibrant, Austin is known for having more festivals, shows, and other types of gaiety per capita than any other city in US. But until recently, it was missing something…

Good news for all of us whisky lovers and artisanal spirits appreciators-Whiskies of the World, the oldest and most original whisky tasting event of San Francisco, is bringing its whisky vigor to Austin. Those who experienced a grand whisky tasting know what they’ll be entitled to: sampling of literary flood of whiskies, from your conventional whisky fix to the new and exciting whisky releases, often hard-to find or first-on the market. The whisky rivers will originate from everywhere: as close as Texas to as far as Australia and India. As always, you’ll be able to sample your way through them to choose the new picks for your liquor cabinet…and to approvingly nod to the old favorites already in there. Not the least factor to the success of your whisky casting is meeting with the global whisky ambassadors, master distillers, et all, and learning about the different production, aging, and maturation processes that make each whisky, its flavors and aromas, unique. After such an extensive outside guidance, plus the inside one, conducted by your own palate, the choice of a perfect whisky(s) becomes not so painstaking!

The event promises sumptuous food to keep you satiated between your tasting sessions (and specially created to pair with whisky). Whisky Masterclasses, a way to get real close with the whisky creators, and their creations, will be held all evening long, warm and inviting. Cigar and Whisky pairing and seminar, whisky specialty booths, bumping into the renowned whisky guests from Scotland and other whisky domains. Austin, have you ever done that?

WoW SF 2012 collage v3

Whiskies of the World Expo & Artisanal Spirits Fest in Austin
Friday, November 2, 2012
Hyatt Regency, 208 Barton Springs Rd.
7:00pm – 10:00pm (VIP hour 6:00pm)

Tickets (Purchase here)
General admission tickets: $120.00
VIP tickets: $150.00

This post was sponsored by Whiskies of the World.


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Brian K


Is there some website somewhere that has a listing of all the hundreds of fairs/tastings/expos/festivals of the plethora of spirits? I know it's asking allot for one location to kind of track the many many different, but I'd like to be able to see whats coming around to my area in the future so I can make plans to attend some. Plans already made preclude me from hitting this WOW, but there has got to be other things in the area from Austin to Florida panhandle in the future.
Thanks a bunch!

Camper English

There is one list of big events here:

but that's all I can think of offhand.

Event listings are a lot of work to post and they don't generate any income for blogs or even newspapers really much anymore, so now everything is scattered throughout the web. Alas.

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