The Tahona Society Cocktail Competition in Arandas Mexico
A Visit to the Sauza Distillery in Tequila, Mexico

La Fortaleza Distillery Visit

Yesterday I visited the La Fortaleza distillery. This tiny distillery makes 100% tahona tequila, in the heart of the city of Tequila in the Lowlands.

The distillery was rebuilt in a 100 year old distillery site by Guillermo Sauza, 5th-generation Sauza family. His grandfather sold Sauza to the company who sold it to Jim Beam. Guillermo decided to return to distilling the traditional way.

The tahona is a volcanic stone wheel that is rolled in a pit to crush baked agave. Most distilleries use a diffuser, rollermill, or a combination of rollermill and tahona.

The fibers are removed and the sugary water and pulp remain. These are fermented in wooden fermenters.

Then they are distilled in the tiniest little pot stills.

The aging room is about as big as a two-bedroom apartment.

The view from the hill behind the distillery is amazing- they own 80 acres right in the city of Tequila.

There are caves underneath this hill. In the caves they've put a bar. We were in there for a good two hours.

Short blog post, but an amazing distillery and a great night!