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Book Review: Destination Cocktails

The new book Destination Cocktails by James Teitelbaum features reviews of 350 bars in 40 countries. 

It's amazingly up-to-date, and even lists some bars surely to be on the radar that weren't open yet when the book came out, like Portland's Hale Pele, or that still haven't opened yet, like San Francisco's Trick Dog.

Destination Cocktails M

As I wrote in my column:

The book would certainly be of interest to any cocktail fan planning to do a bit of traveling (unlike bar reviews on the internet, the book sticks to just the best places) in the US or abroad, or to read as an intellectual exercise, learning about the current global state of the cocktail bar. 

It isn't a cocktail book, but there are a few cocktail recipes in it. I included one in my blog post on Fine Cooking. It contains, bourbon, Pimm's, Cherry Heering, lime juice, and bitters. Check it out. 

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