The Double Rainbow Cocktail in a New Recipe Book
San Diego's Best Cocktail Bars


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brian k

My question for you Camper is... what do you think he missed?

This has now become my bucket list and will be printed and placed into my wallet next to my Social Security card and Sam's Club card!! My two other most important items in my wallet. HA

Camper English

Hmm tough question. I'd have to think a long time to come up with my own list. The only one I don't see here I'd definitely add is the Chrysanthemum.

Yao Lu

If i remember correctly the Chrysanthemum was featured on the last 100 list


I may not have looked thouroghly but I'm missing: 20th. Century, Clover Club, Corpse Reviver nr 2, Ramos Gin Fizz and Brandy Crusta.

Brian K

Ramos Gin Fizz!!!

Was just in New Orleans and had one both at the Carousel Bar and Tommy Morano's Italian Restaurant, almost had 1 at Arnaud's French 75, but went with a bartender recommendation instead.

Camper English

The Ramos is on there- I had to check because that would be a big one to miss!

Camper English

Good calls! I think a couple of those are on there but you're right. Especially Corpse Reviver!


No Kentucky Buck?

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