New Booze for October 2012
A Bevy of Bottles with Oversized Labels

Cocktail Menu: Workshop in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs has a new restaurant and cocktail bar. The website is here and the cocktails are below. 


AVIATION, gin, fresh lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette. around here when the phrase “classic cocktail” is uttered most of us think about this hugo ensslin original created at the hotel wallick in times square and published is his 1916 recipes for mixed drinks.

PAINKILLER, silver rum, fresh orange & pineapple juices, house made coconut cream. a traditional favorite coming from tortola in the british virgin islands. “it’ll cure what ails ya, and ail what cures ya”.

FOGCUTTER, silver rum, acholado pisco, gin, olorosso sherry, fresh lemon & orange juices, house made orgeat. be sure to handle with care: one will definitely clear things up, two will begin to cut through coherence, but the fog may roll back in with the third.

GEORGIA BUCK, local peach infused bourbon, fresh lemon juice, house made ginger beer, angostura bitters. a perfect concoction to give the dull and ordinary the slip... not to mention the hot palm springs sun.

WARD 8, rye, house made grenadine, fresh lemon & orange juices. originating in boston around the turn of the 20th century and named after a notoriously corrupt voting district; fortunately for us the political corruption of yesteryear is virtually extinct (insert big wink here). however, this drink is as delicious and morally in debt as it ever was.


BOMBAY GOVERNMENT PUNCH, jamaican rum, vsop cognac, demerara sugar, fresh lime juice, grapefruit oils, cinnamon, green tea. a recipe borrowed from sir john gayer, the 1694 english governor of bombay. it is as delicate as it is delicious and as intoxicating as it is charming. be forewarned though, too much of this elixir could lead to any number of shameful, delightful acts of scandal... but, please, no dueling in the restaurant.

4 people 44. | 8 people 83. | 12 people 119.


PISQU, acholado pisco, yellow chartreuse, locally grown raspberries, serrano chili, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup. a delightful union of peruvian grape brandy, french herbal liqueur and seasonal berries will croon the sweet sounds of summer and depart quickly with a spicy little kiss of serrano pepper.

BOXERS AND BOBBYSOCKS, gin, cherries, house made rosemary gomme syrup, fresh lime juice, angostura bitters and seltzer water. a cocktail trifecta of sweet, tart and bitter, sublimely tempered with just the right amount of rosemary. please drink responsibly or you might just find yourself waking up in boxers and bobbysocks...

LAUTNER PROJECT, rhum agricole, house made agave cordial, fresh lime juice, mint and sparkling wine. inspired by the prolific architect whose work brought together unlikely design combinations. we offer a cocktail with thoughtful scheme, texture and a little flair. a seamless amalgamation of unlikely ingredients hopefully worthy of its namesake.

THE HIGGINS, amber rum, white whiskey, cinnamon infused sweet vermouth, local honey, fresh orange juice. a cocktail that sets about with good intentions, sensibly heading to work but takes a wayward glance towards the beach and suddenly enjoyable errors are being committed.

SLOE BURN, blanco tequila, dry vermouth, sloe gin, 3 peppercorn syrup, habanero chili tincture. a light, savory and seductive cocktail that dances in your mouth. do not deny yourself the pleasure, decide to be adventurous and then let the balmy palm springs evening breeze decide the rest.




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I like your idea.Goog luck with your project!


Thank God there will be at least one decent place to get a drink in Palm Springs when we're there!

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