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Cocktail Menu: Trick Dog in San Francisco

The much-delayed and much-anticipated Trick Dog has opened in San Francisco. You've heard about it by now, unless you've been living under a rock without a wifi hotspot. But so far they hadn't released the menu. Here it is.

Trick dog menu1
Trick dog menu2
Trick dog menu3
Trick dog menu4

And if you haven't seen a million pictures of the bar already, here are a few. Click on the thumbnails on top to see the others full size.


  • Trick dog2_tn
  • Trickdog1_tn
  • Trickdog2_tn
  • Trickdog3_tn
  • Trickdog4_tn


I visited the bar for the first time Monday but only had one cocktail, which is unlike me. I look forward to going back and drinking my way through the rest of the menu.