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Keep Warm This Winter With Metaxa (Sponsored)

Metaxa is a Greek spirit dating back to 1888. It is a blend of Muscat wines, wine distillates, rose petals, and herbs. 

57stars-mdTo make Metaxa, wine distillates are aged in French Limousin oak casks. These are then blended with Muscat wines from the Aegean Islands, along with rose petals and a secret mix of Mediterranean herbs. 

Metaxa comes in five varieties:

  • Metaxa 5 Stars - with the wine distillates matured for up to five years
  • Metaxa 7 Stars - with the wine distillates matured for up to seven years
  • Metaxa 7 Stars - with the wine distillates matured for up to twelve years and Muscat wines selected exclusively from the semi-mountainous, terraced vineyards of Samos
  • Metaxa Private Reserve - with the wine distillates matured for up to 30 years
  • Aen Metaxa - 1888 crystal decanters of AEN were created for the 120th anniversary of the brand in 2008, aged in Cask #1 (the oldest one at the facility, more than 80 years old with over 200 blends inside). 

Not all varieties are available in all markets. 

Metaxa Mixology

Hotsun-mdWhile the higher end bottlings in the line are best reserved for sipping neat or on a single ice cube, Metaxa offers an entire collection of recipes online

One of the simplest, meant for cold weather, is the Metaxa Hot Sun. It is the combination of Metaxa 5 Stars and hot apple juice, garnished with an apple slice and cinnamon stick. 


Below find a video of the drink being made at one of the best bars in the world, Berlin's Lebensstern. 



For move videos, visit Metaxa's YouTube channel.

Metaxa's website also lists a selection of cool bars in which to drink it in Germany, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Germany, England, Bulgaria, and Austria. Check it out!


This post is sponsored by Metaxa. 


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Funny--we're putting a Metaxa cocktail on the winter menu at our new bar. Coincidence? Or perhaps their marketing is more effective than I realize...

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