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Twelve More New Cocktail Bars Opening in 2013

In my recent story for, I listed a bunch of new bars opening in 2013. 

But there were a lot more I couldn't include for one reason or another. So here are more bars we're looking forward to this year:

  • The Regent Cocktail Club in South Beach, Miami  - With John Lermayer heading up the cocktail program.
  • The Alder by Wylie Dufresne in New York - Some info here.
  • South on Main in Little Rock, Arkansas - Chef Matt Bell and mixlogist Dave Burnette, in partnership with the Oxford American.
  • Handle Bar in Berkeley - from the owner of ACME bar.
  • Milk & Honey in New York - relocated, bigger, no reservations required
  • Hi Lo in San Francisco - barbecue restaurant with session beers and big, refreshing cocktails by locavore mixologist Scott Beattie and Left Coast Libations co-author Michael Lazar.
  • Rogue & Canon in New York - an "approachable bar and kitchen" serving a truncated menu representing the modern American “canon” and the “rogue” stylings of mixologist Johnny Swet.
  • Tavern Road in Boston -  Mixologist Ryan McGrale, formerly of No. 9 Park and Boston’s New York's Flatiron Lounge, will team up with Chef Louis DiBiccari to open Tavern Road in the Fort Point neighborhood in early 2013. The bar program will place a heavy emphasis on craft cocktails that utilize small batch spirits and pay homage to the classics.
  • Unnamed in Dallas - by Michael Martensen. More info here.
  • Planter's House in St. Louis - Ted Kilgore says "Planter's House will also have a more intimate handcrafted cocktail bar within the space called the Bullock Room, where I can geek out on cocktails."
  • Hinoki & the Bird in Los Angeles - with cocktails by Sam Ross of Attaboy
  • Unnamed in Austin - A forthcoming bar from Chris Bostick, Eric Alperin, Cedd Moses, and Sasha Petraske. Late spring/early summer opening. More info here.


Regent Cocktail Club,taken from the website



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Michael Lazar is co-author, not sole author, of Left Coast Libations, along with principal author Ted Munat, just to clarify.

Camper English

True that. I added a "co-". Thanks!

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