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Small Hand Foods Syrups Launches Web Store

Delicious Small Hand Foods syrups have been hard to get in most parts of the country/world, but as of now it will be a little bit easier as the new web store has launched.

Small hand website

Small Hand Foods is the brand by Jennifer Colliau, a Bay Area bartender who began making authentic orgeat and pineapple gum arabic (for Pisco Punch) when none was available on the market. She expanded the line to include grenadine, unflavored gum syrup, and raspberry gum syrup (plus the occaisional surprise).

The small (8.5 ounce) bottles run for $12, which is less expensive than you'll find on Amazon, and they have the full line unlike at Cask.

Check out the store here.


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David J. Montgomery

I love her products. So good. Very happy to see this.



I just started a website candy and alcohol website almost a year ago now. It's about mixing candy with vodka and reviewing what it tastes like. I document it with step by step guides from how to make things like Campino candy vodka, to bubble gum vodka.

I was curious if you would like to do a link exchange between our websites. My website is and I update it fairly often, so long as I have different candies. For the first year we have made it up to almost 150,000 views, and expect that to grow for the next year.

I know I'm not as decorated as a spirits writer as you are, but I have to start somewhere right?

Thank you for your time,

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