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The Ice King of the Internet

I was interviewed recently for a story in a magazine for the iPad/iPhone called The Magazine.

During the interview we were joking that I'm the Ice King of the Internet. The quote didn't make it into the story, but I've adopted that as an official title. Hail your new king! 


Ice king
In the story, writer Alison Hallet covers the history of ice in drinks, current ice machines, how bars are using big ice, and how to make big ice at home (with my cooler strategy). I get too much credit for bringing an iceberg from Newfoundland to last year's seminar at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic (that honor belongs to Wayne Curtis), but as long as my glory is increased it is for the greater good.  

A preview of the story is here, but you'll have to subscribe ($1.99) to get the whole thing. Or sign up for a free 7-day trial, read everything, then decide whether or not to cancel before the week is up. Looks like they have a good amount of booze coverage. 



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Cowan Anderson

Great to read your interview on the magazine but i saw first time that iPhone applications are there for the magazines.

John Campbell

I enjoyed reading your articles on ice. The key insight into making clear ice is that the cloudy portion is not air bubbles, but rather millions of stress fractures from the expansion pressure. This is why pure distilled water does not freeze clear. You must relieve the pressure to get clear ice. One method is top down freezing where the block can rise as it freezes. Your other method that worked was to just stop the freezing before the pressure goes critical. Once you have an ice shell at locks in the shape, you are going to start building pressure.

Pressure is the problem, not purity.

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