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Cocktail Recipe: The Brown Trout by Dave Newman

I sort of didn't care what was in a cocktail called the The Brown Trout, because the name is so awesome I would have probably ordered it regardless. 

But the ingredients are... intriguing anyway. Gin, scotch, Aperol, gentian liqueur, and elderflower - what could go wrong? Everything!

But the drink was very nice - give it a try sometime. 

I ordered this drink at Pint + Jigger during Hawaii Cocktail Week and it was my favorite drink that night.


The Brown Trout
By Dave Newman

1.5 oz Hendrick's Gin
.5 oz Johnnie Walker Black
.5 oz Aperol 
.75 oz Bonal
.25 oz St Germain

Stir with ice until well chilled, strain into a chilled coupe glass with an orange twist expressed over the top and then discarded.



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You obviously have either a resilient psyche or very different associations with that term than I.

Like that ingredient list tho'. Can we just refer to it as a B.T. so I can get it to my mouth without thinking of toilet water?

Camper English

Oh my, I did not have that association. UR GROSS.


Dude, what else has it ever meant? Am I just too much a child of NorCal 1970s?

Don't answer that.

Drinks without painful associations soon, okay? :)

Camper English

I just liked the sound of a brown trout, like a green spider or a blue turtle. But you probably have weird associations with those too...

Now I wonder if everyone thinks a brown trout is what you think it is and I've been all "SOUNDS DELICIOUS" and now all the kids are laughing at me.


I am going to purge those old painful memories and go with your cheerful interpretation. (And no, no strange associations with green spiders or blue turtles.)

I think the kids are too young to have the association, thank goodness.

Perhaps you should delete my comment so another generation isn't scarred.

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