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New Bars in Copenhagen, Winter 2013

I was in one of my favorite cocktail cities- Copenhagen- again last month and was able to catch up on most of the notable new bars in town, with the exception of Strom that wasn't open.

I wrote up these bars for CLASS Magazine at

Class copenhagen

They include:

  • Madam Chu's, from the Union/Bureau folks
  • Lidkoeb, from the people behind Ruby
  • The Barking Dog, a tequila and mezcal-forward bar
  • Ourselves Alone, a bar that feels like a gentlemen's club

Short answer: they are all great! Read the story here.

If you're interested in reading more about Copenhagen, some previous stories are:


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Very nice review of some of my favorite bars here in my home city.

I agree that Ourselves Alone has the outward feel of a gentleman's club, but actually I find it a very feminine place at heart. That's probably why I like it so much - being an old woman myself ;)

Next time you visit I hope you get to visit Strøm - it's a very nice place too.

And just tiny little detail: There are no rivers in Copenhagen. Nørrebro - where you went to visit The Barking Dog - is separated from the old city center by a line of lakes (three lakes split into five basins by bridges).

Camper English

Thanks for the clarification!

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