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Cocktail Menus: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Pimp My Old Fashioned at Hog & Rocks in San Francisco

Michael Lazar at Hog & Rocks has introduced a new mini-menu to their cocktail program featuring the Old Fashioned made with different spirits and accent ingredients. 

Hog rocks

Bittered Sling (Eric Adkins) $16
Ch. briat hors d’age armagnac, gum syrup, bitters, grated nutmeg
Anticuado $16
Casa noble reposado, agave gum syrup, orange bitters
Oaxaca (Phil Ward) $16
Tres agaves reposado, del maguey ‘minero’ mezcal, agave gumsyrup, grapefruit bitters
Kingston $12
Appleton estate 12 yr rum, sugar cane syrup, chocolate &orange bitters
The Willet 8 $ 15
H&R willet 8 yr barrel strength bourbon, gum syrup, orangebitters
House Rock & Rye $11
Wild turkey and rittenhouse ryes, rock sugar, citrus, vanillabean, horehound
Smoker’s Delight (Gonçalo de Sousa Monteiro) $15
Laphroaig 10 yr single malt, tempus fugit creme de cacao, bitters



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That Bittered Sling is a thing of beauty.

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