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The Whole World Water Campaign

Cn_image_8.size.whole-world-water-bottleWhile I will try not to get too much into the eco-impacts of mailing bottled water around the world while researching water in spirits and cocktails here on Alcademics, I thought this large campaign was rather interesting. 

The Whole World Water Campaign is a charity project where instead of hotels selling commercial bottled water, they filter their own using a Vivreau filtration system and put it in a special, recyclable bottle. The hotel charges for the water and gives 10% of the profits to the charity fund that goes to support bringing drinking water to communities without access to it. 

Sounds like a win-win, except I like hotels that give free water best. I am often dehydrated. 

Conde Nast Traveler wrote a cool little article about it in the March issue. (Image taken from their website.)

More information and participating hotels are listed on the Whole World Water website.







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