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Paloma Recipe Round-Up: 20+ Paloma Variations

In my research on the Paloma I have come across many variations on the drink, so I thought I'd link to them here.

Paloma3Typically the Paloma is made with tequila (always use 100% agave!), grapefruit soda such as Squirt or Jarritos, a squeeze of a lime wedge and a pinch of salt. Esquire's standard recipe is here. A version using fresh grapefruit and soda water is here.

Here are some Paloma variations from around the internet. 

Blood Orange and Thyme Paloma by Airda Molenkamp [recipe]

Nuestra Paloma by Thad Vogler of Beretta, SF. It contains St. Germain, bitters, Cointreau, and grapefruit juice. [recipe]

The Charred Grapefruit Paloma by Warren Bobrow [recipe]

Paloma, Mi Amante by Paul Clarke - A Paloma using strawberry-infused tequila. [recipe]

Paloma Variation - A Paloma using IPA beer, plus tequila, grapefruit cordial, and lime. [mentioned here; no recipe]

Palomita - A Paloma without tequila; just using Coinreau, lime, and grapefruit. [recipe]

Green Palomarita - Mezcal, lime, grapefruit, Chartreuse [recipe]

Dove & Daisy - Tequila, lime, Aperol, orange liqueur, salt, soda water. [recipe]

La Paloma - Grapefruit liqueur, tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, soda. [recipe]

Cantarito - A Paloma variation using lemon, lime, and orange juices in place of the lime squeeze. [recipe]

Paloma Brava by Dushan Zaric - Contains tequila, lime, orange, grapefruit, grapefruit soda, agave nectar, and salt. [recipe]

La Canterita by Ashley Miller - Tequila, triple sec, agave nectar, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange. [recipe]

Strawberry Paloma with strawberry-infused tequila, honey, lime, and grapefruit. [recipe]

Reunion Cooler by Jennifer Colliau- Tequila, peppercorns, pineapple, grapefruit peel, lime. [recipe]

The 212 by Aisha Sharpe and Willy Shine - Tequila, Aperol, grapefruit [recipe]

Siesta by Katie Stipe - Tequila, Campari, lime, grapefruit, simple syrup [recipe]

Acapulco by Salvatore Calabrese - Tequila, rum, grapefruit, pineapple. [recipe]

Cardarita by Ago Perrone - Tequila, almond-cardamom sugar, grapefruit, Galliano, ginger ale [recipe]

Salty Chihuahua - Tequila, grapefruit juice, salt [recipe]

Ginger Paloma - Ginger-grapefruit syrup, tequila, lime, club soda [recipe]

Tequila Fresa Punch - Starwberry-infused tequila, triple sec, orange, lime, grapefruit soda, orange bitters [recipe]



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Kolin Better

Hey Camper! Kolin from Easy here. Not sure if you're familiar with it, but there is a grapefruit soda in Jamaica called Ting which is basically the equivalent of a house-made grapefruit soda. One delicious variant is with a splash of spiced sorrel drink on top. The sorrel in question is what we would call a form of hibiscus, not the herb.

Camper English

I tried Ting - and the lesser-known Pink Ting- in my Paloma tests. I think I'll post those results later on, but Ting didn't fare as well as I expected it to in taste tests with tequila. It mixes great with spirits, but didn't have the freshness of other brands. Maybe it's built for rum, which would make sense.

Jared Hirsch

I've been been shaking up a Paloma variation at Sidebar in Oakland:
Daisy Daisy
1.5 Chamomile infused 100% agave blanco tequila
.5 Aperol
.75 Grapefruit
.75 Lime
.25 Agave nectar
2 dash Orange bitters


I tried replicating the Mezcal Paloma from Nopalito in SF. I think it's pretty close:

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