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June 2013

New Booze: Berentzen Wild Cherry Liqueur

Here are some new spirits launching. The text is taken from these brands' press releases. Berentzen Wild Cherry Liqueur Berentzen announces the introduction of Berentzen Wild Cherry Liqueur, a light fruit liqueur with the flavor of wild cherries. Made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, Wild Cherry joins Berentzen Apple and Berentzen... Read more →

Frozen Juice Makes Nice Ice Balls

In my previous experiments with making colored ice balls, I found that the color from food coloring in water didn't evenly distribute, even though it made pretty patterns. But when I visited the new MKT Bar at the Four Seasons in San Francisco, I had a drink with an ice... Read more →

Interview with a Water Sommelier

In researching water in both both distilled spirits and at serving, I came across Martin Riese, a water sommelier. He is the General Manager at Ray's & Stark, a restaurant located at the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA). He is developing a water program for the restaurant, and has... Read more →

Pairing Mineral Water With Food

This blog post contains more information from Michael Mascha's book Fine Waters and website Previously I looked at How to Classify Bottled Waters and How to Properly Serve Bottle Water. Today we'll look at pairing water with food. You can read the full description of it on the FineWaters... Read more →

How to Properly Serve Bottled Water

The book Fine Waters and the accompanying website have been real eye-openers for me. In another post I wrote about how the author Michael Mascha categorizes bottled waters. In this post I'll talk about how he recommends serving bottled waters. And in another post I'll share his advice on pairing... Read more →