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Bulk Beverages By the Batch Benefit Busy Bartenders

Fsr-coverSorry about the alliteration. I couldn't help myself.

If you haven't read enough about batch and partial-batch cocktails here on Alcademics, I'll refer you to a story I wrote for the industry magazine FSR Magazine, for which I am the Spirits Editor. 

It stars such bartenders as:

  • Joy Richard of Citizen Public House in Boston
  • Matt Seiter of Sanctuaria in St. Louis
  • Ray Gil of Batch in New Orleans
  • Pal Tanguay of Tavernita in Chicago 


They are all doing different sorts of batching: flasks, punches, tap, and even tableside barrels. 

Mixing Cocktails in Bulk
By Camper English 

Cocktails on tap, punch, barrel-aged cocktails, and bottled cocktails—these are some of the hottest trends hitting the bar in recent years. None are flavor trends, but rather changes in format from standard, individual-size drinks. And they can be prepared in advance or mixed to order in bulk, for the added benefit of speeding drink service in busy restaurants.

In fact, the downside to the current craft cocktail renaissance is that meticulously-prepared, nuanced, complex drinks take longer to mix, stir, or shake than do Jack & Coke or Gin & Tonic off the soda gun. Customers don’t particularly enjoy the added wait time, and slower drinks can reduce bar profits if price isn’t adjusted accordingly. But all of these new (or retro) formats are showy and appealing, and, at least for now, the novelty entices customers to order the drinks.

Go read the entire story on here.