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Celebrating Martini Vermouth's 150th Anniversary and New Visitors' Center

Hello from Italy! Last night I attended the unveiling of Martini vermouth's newly expanded visitors' center in celebration of their 150th anniversary here near Turin. Below is a brief photo tour of the center. 



The highlight of the renovated center is the museum, which includes a lot of brand history and advertising. 


There is also one of the largest and most valuable wine history collections in the world, replete with many wooden grape presses hundreds of years old.


Plus ancient pottery and glassware from the ages. 



The new visitors center includes classroom areas (one of which is accessed through a giant wooden barrel like a speakeasy) and a modern lounge. 

But now off I go to take racecars to pick wormwood in the Italian countryside today. It's a rough life. 

See more photos on Flickr here.

Happy Birthday Martini! 


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Greg Lindgren

Love your Flickr photos. The Americano, the Fernet, and the ads. How was the race car?

Camper English

Race car was fun, though I declined to drink one. (I am driven.) More on that later.

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