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Cocktail Menu: Ziryab in San Francisco

ZiryabZiryab has long been one of those restaurants that stands out when you go past it on Divisadero Street in San Francisco, with a rock facade and front patio with hookah-topped tables. 

Well now they've given the place a renovation and have a full liquor license. They've brought on Zach Taylor (The Brixton, The Corner Store, Hog & Rocks) to do the drink menu and he's kept it in sync with the Middle Eastern theme of the food. We see: dates, arak, yogurt, coffee, and mint. 

I wonder if they'll start serving punch out of the hookas. The pipes would make fun straws...

Here's the new menu. The official opening is Wednesday. 

Ziryab Manhattan
Date-infused Rye, Vermouth, Lapsang Souchang infused Angostura, Orange peel.

Pomegranate Basil Collins
Basil-infused Vodka, House Grenadine, Lime Juice, Soda

Pajaro Negro
Mezcal, Cynar, Galliano Ristretto, Orange peel.

Ostwald Ripened
Arak, Bols Yogurt, Pavan, Grated Cinnamon.

5th String
Bulleit Rye, Pineapple Gomme, Lime, Fresh Mint, Arak Mint.

La Relación
Pisco Portón, Amontillado Sherry, Aperol, Campari, Cardamom Tincture, Lemon peel

Jericho Fig Tree
Tequila , Fig-Garlic Purée, Lemon, Benedictine.

1934 Cosmopolitan
Tanqueray, Lemon , Raspberry Syrup, Cointreau, Lemon peel.

Ziryab, 528 Divisadero Street, SF [website] [yelp]


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Does that say bols yogurt?

Camper English

It does indeed. Just launched in the states recently. More info here:


GOOD JOB ZACHARY!! lots of love to you buddy!

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