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Does Water Matter in Spirits Production?

Though I often write for, this time editor Ian Cameron wrote about me, or rather, my talk on water at Tales of the Cocktail.

Water on diffordsguide
 Some of the information in the seminar you may have read here previously on Alcademics as part of the Water Project, and some information from the talk is definitely new. 

This write-up is a good summary of what happened at the talk, and stay tuned for more information in greater detail here on Alcademics.



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Blake Gray

Camper, you're breaking Betteridge's Law of Headlines

Camper English

You caused me to Google that. Yep, that's me, breaking the law once again.


Great stuff over there, Camper! As a guy who spends 40 hours a week talking about water, it's nice to see folks getting an idea of its impact on their favorite spirits and beers. One thing I would add to Ian's commentary is that the salts to which your calcium and magnesium are attached are nearly as important as the metals themselves. Whether you have calcium sulfate or calcium chloride can have a big impact on your downstream operations, for example. Cheers

Camper English


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