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An Online Destination for Luxury Spirits: Introducing Alexander & James

Alexanjames1This post is brought to you by Alexander & James.

Alexander & James is an online site and store for luxury spirits that you can learn about, purchase for yourself, and buy as gifts for friends, family, and associates. 

The website has a strong focus on rare scotch whisky and exclusive gift sets to go with all kinds of spirits.

Whisky treats include Johnnie Walker Odyssey, Talisker 57 North, Knockando 25 Year Old Year Old, and Caol Ila Cask Strength. Distiller's Editions of many brands of single-malt scotch are also on offer. 

Most of the gift and glassware sets available on the site I've not seen in any stores, making Alexander & James an easy-to-find destination for the hard-to-please gift recipient. 

Gifts include everything from elegant drinking glasses to a Margarita set to a leather suit bag, to a Johnnie Walker King George V Backgammon Set for £2,300 (and don't worry, the bottle is included). There is a rather slick VIP Whisky Set that allows high-rollers to serve Highballs, as it includes a soda siphon, glassware, and spherical ice molds in an aluminum briefcase. 

Beyond bottles and gifts, the site also includes an online Magazine with tutorials on making drinks, interviews with master blenders, introductions to new products, drink and fashion trends, and more. 


Check out Alexander & James today, and follow along on Facebook and Twitter


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Good article brother. I was looking for a luxury spirits site. Keep up the great work.

Brian Chatton

I once read on a bottle about their water coming from streams and springs and collected after millions of years. Could you send me the full description of exactly how it's made and bottled please. thanks Brian Chatton

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