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Cocktail Menu: La Urbana in San Francisco, Opening September 4

La Urbana opens on September 4 in San Francisco.


The restaurant and bar features a large mezcal bottle and cocktail selection by Bar Manager Lucas Ranzuglia. Here is the menu, subject to change. 

I see: "chile water capsule," "tortilla water," smoking volcano bowl, and chimolera-extracted citrus oils in the margarita. 


Mezcal and Cacao 11
A refreshing cocktail based on Oaxacan cacao
crafted in the bygone French style (rose water,
lavender flowers, vanilla, orange peel & spices). Served
in a highball with Mina Real Mezcal & crushed ice.

Acapulco - Manila 11
Inspired by the commercial route between these
cities (with an ocassional stopover in Japan) during
the 18th century. Our take on the dry Martini. Mezcal
Agave de Cortés with Sake. Dry, sharp, and pleasant.

Mezcal Julep (Seasonal) 10
Wahaka Espadín, fresh mint, house made
seasonal cordial. Served over crushed ice.

Fly away, experience México in a glass.

México City 12
A glass of pure surrealist city, the flavors of
México City’s valley. Casa Noble tequila, carrot juice,
citrus juices, lavender & lemon verbena smoke. Built
upon a base of chile water capsule.

The Gulf of México 12
Coconut water, ginger tincture, Bols Genever.
Finished with raspberry-habanero foam.

Don Gregorio (a.k.a. Popocatepetl) 12 / 34 (Serves 3)
An original recipe based on Mexican traditions.
Tequila, hibiscus water, Solerno orange liqueur,
passion fruit & chile syrup, natural mango purée &
absinthe. Served in a smoking volcano or hiball.

Tortilla Lemonade / Grapefruitade 5
Our original tortilla water, freshly squeezed
lemon or grapefruit juice.

Cacao in a Bottle 5
Oaxacan Cacao made in 1700's French style.
Combining rose petals, vanilla beans, clove, agave,
orange peels, almonds & cinnamon. Served cold.

Fresh Squeezed Juice / Smoothie 6
We’ll fix you a tasty combination of fresh fruits
and juices of the day. Any allergies, let us know
before hand. Want wheat grass? We have it!

La Urbana Margarita 9
Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal, fresh lime
juice, agave syrup & Chimolera extracted
citrus oils. Served straight up or on the
Choose your salt: Sea salt, Sal de
Gusano or our house made Bacon salt.

Violet Flower Margarita 11
An exotic & silky cocktail. Don
Julio Blanco, lush flavors of lime & orange
blossom water, violet flower liqueur. Topped
with rosé cava.

El Pueblo Margarita 9
Tequila Pueblo Viejo, fresh grapefruit
juice, smoked cinnamon syrup & a dash of
Spanish red wine. Served straight up.

Many ex-pats have fallen in love with México, making
it their home. México receives foreigners with open
arms and so do we, with these drinks.

Grapefruit Breeze 10
Belvedere Pink Grapefruit fresh
seasonal fruits sous-vide syrup, Kappa pisco
mist, lillet blanc, topped with ginger beer

Gin Fizz 10
'The Gin fizz comes like a cooling
breeze from the sea, bringing new life and
the zest and joy of living', said San
Franciscan bartender Ernest P. Rawling in
1914. Tanqueray gin, lime juice, simple syrup
& club soda. Optionally, add a dash of egg
white for a foamy texture.

Manhattan (the way we like it) 10
George Dickel Rye whisky, Grahams
Tawny Port 10 , xocolatl mole bitters, chile
morita tincture.




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I love the design of that back bar so much! I need to SF so badly.

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