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Ten Cool Things About Houston Bar The Pastry War

The new mezcal bar in Houston, The Pastry War, comes from Bobby Heugel and Alba Huerta of the famous Anvil. The name is based on a French-Mexican conflict that began over a damaged bakery. 

I have not visited the bar but it's easy to see they're doing a lot of things differently. Here are things that stuck out to me. 

Ten Cool Things The Pastry War is Doing Differently

1. They use a lime blend. The house Margaritas ($7, nice) use both Persian and Key Limes. 

2. They offer 17 different Mexican beers. 

3. Any of which can be made into a Michelada for an extra $2.

Pastry War Front

4. The spirits list is organized by type of agave. They also list the production year, type of still, and the name of the distiller. 

5. There are 40-50 more bottlings on the way. According to Heugel, they've guaranteed purchases of certain tequila/mezcal brands in order to get them imported into the state. 

6. They have an overproof Margarita on the menu, made with the 55% ABV Tapatio. 

7. They sell vintage tequila, specifically Herradura and El Tesoro, so you can see how they used to taste. They're expensive but if you love tequila you should try this even though it will make you sad. 

Pastry War Back
8. Any of the tequilas or mezcals can be used in a Margarita, Tepache, Horchata, Tequila & Tonic, or mixed with ginger beer for a couple extra bucks. 

9. They have a list of brands that they refuse to sell written on the wall. Some are there because they are mixto tequilas, some because there is a worm or scorpion in the bottle, others because the brands supported NOM 186. Huegel has long been outspoken about how tequila is changing how he feels larger brands have compromised traditional production methods and quality of tequila. 


10. They don't sell any pastries. 



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Wade W

I've been to Pastry War and love the stand they have taken on the brands they support. House margaritas are $7 and are great. I also had the overproof margarita. The bar is located in downtown Houston area that is undergoing a renaissance with several other new bars/restaurants just steps aways.

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