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Vintage Martini Ads by Andy Warhol

These were some cool Martini vermouth ads in the museum that I saw on my recent visit. 

Martini Vermouth Museum Warhol ad1_tn


The same extra dry vermouth that makes marvelous martinis is something special on the rocks. 

Martini Vermouth Museum Warhol ad1_tn

Great straight...on the rocks. Martini & Rossi imported vermouth is so nice on ice! Easy to make, easy to take, it's the drink for sophisticated people. Martini & Rossi sweet vermouth is a mustissimo for Manhattans, too. Mmmmm!

Martini Vermouth Museum Warhol ad1_tn
Martini Vermouth Museum Warhol ad1_tn


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Did they have prints for sale?

Camper English

Nope - I think they are renegotiating the licensing. It would be cool if they ran these ads again.

Peter maas

I have a mirror with the siding on it of martini Rossi and it says Andy Warhol on it Does anybody know what it would be wort?


That is design sorry
The other one is what would it be worth

Manuele P

i also have a couples of them, did u get any info about value?

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