Alcademics Has A New Look!
New Booze is Back on ShakeStir!

Alcademics Alco-Haul: Liquor Arrivals at the Office 10/26/13

This is the booze that's showed up on my doorstep this week- some of it is new; some of it has been around for a 150 years or so. What looks good? 

Braulio, Amaro Dell'Erborista, Caliche Rum, Charbay S Hop Whiskey, Wild Turkey Spiced, Mezcal Marca Negra Tobala and Espadin, Charbay Hop Whiskey Release III, Averna, Charbay R5 Whiskey, Charbay Distillers' Port, Chabary Still House Port. 

It was a good week!



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Camper English

As you can see the first one of the Charbay line I popped open was the "S" hop whiskey. It's crazy.


Charbay make great stuff! How's their Whiskey - Release III?

Camper English

Just tasted it: Intense. Still has that sticky resin/weed thing going, not even tempered by wood all that much.


Sounds good! Does the additional '8 years in neutral vessels' change the spirit much? I've tried a few old bottles recently that have been tempered by the glass, does it have a similar effect?

Camper English

It shouldn't change much at all unless there is a lot of oxygen in with the spirit. I doubt they'd do that as that tends to flatten out flavor.

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