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October 2013

Alcademics Has A New Look!

Well hey howdy, I finally went and changed the design of this website. I hope it's easier to read - but please let me know if anything is amiss or harsh on the eyes. I hope you love me for my text but it's nice to be appreciated for my... Read more →

Real Goofy Homebrew Club Names

I love beer makers' senses of humor. Here are some names of real homebrew clubs I found online. Carboy Junkies Barley Literate Foam Rangers Barley Bandits Just Brew It Malt Munching Mash Monsters Cleveland Carboys Knights of the Brown Bottle S_C_A_B_B_S (Sussex County Amalgamated Beer Brewing Society) Hops2It Manly Mashers... Read more →

Enter (Or Come Watch) the Pavan Sangria Challenge

This post is sponsored by Pavan. Pavan Liqueur has extended the submission deadline for The Pavan Sangria Challenge to October 25th. The Pavan Sangria Challenge invites bartenders from around the country to showcase their talents by creating original Pavan sangria recipes inspired by the dream escape destination of their choice.... Read more →