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Stolen_Bottle_Low_Res_SmallThis week was the announcement that a new brand from New Zealand was hitting the market in Florida: Stolen Coffee & Cigarettes Spiced Rum. 

Stolen is "...infused fine Caribbean rum with natural roasted coffee beans and tobacco flavors, delivering a unique style of spiced rum." 

Tobacco flavor VodkaMenthol_highThis comes on the heels of Ivanabitch vodka's two flavors: "Ivanabitch Traditional Tobacco Vodka features a bold taste of smoky vanilla blended with sweet caramel. The Menthol Tobacco Vodka features the same taste as the Traditional Tobacco Vodka with a hint of mint."

PeriqueimageOne liqueur that's been on the market for a while (though I've never tried it) is Perique Tobacco Liqueur.

I'm not even sure it's still made, but maybe you can find all three and have a boozy tobacco tasting party. 


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David J. Montgomery

I got the press release for the coffee-tobacco abomination. Is there a person on earth who would buy that? Is there any chance they did any market research before developing their product?

We know the answers to both of those questions, I think.

Camper English

Honestly I find it intriguing for some reason. I wouldn't if it were flavored vodka, but because it's spiced rum I'd give it a try.

Perique is indeed still being made, and last I checked, is in stock at some online retailers. I don't believe it is currently distributed in the USA, so you may have to order it from abroad. And from what I hear (having never actually had it myself), it is marvelous.


Perique is still being made and currently distributed in Europe. It hasn't Gotten past the TTB yet. I tasted some with Ted Breaux himself back in August. It reminds me alot of black tea in some ways. Not smokey at all. Very natural.


As if there are less poisonous things around, people are inventing more things to destroy mankind

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