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Sweet Versus Sour: Understanding and Measuring Sourness

Cocktail History Written as Upworthy Headlines

  1. The first three ingredients were spirit, sugar, and water. It was fourth one that changed drink history forever.

  2. The 75-millimeter M1897 was considered a dangerous weapon- until one mixologist did this.

  3. The customer wanted something stronger than his usual Americano. You won’t believe how the bartender responded.

  4. The waitress wanted a pink cocktail she heard about from a friend. What the bartender made her would change television history.

  5. They said he was getting too old to shake drinks, but in this argument it was the bartender who had the last word.

  6. He stopped in for a quick drink on the way to Martinez. What happened next will blow your mind.

  7. One bartender couldn’t keep up with the demands of his job, but then 35 shaker boys showed up to help.

  8. Thousands of people were dying of malaria in Rome, but this ingenious solution was found by a simple priest in the jungles of Peru.

  9. Watch what happens when these drinkers compliment the bartender’s new rum cocktail- in Tahitian.

  10. He told the bartender that diabetes was ruining his visit to Cuba. What happened next may leave you in tears.