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Alcademics Alco-Haul: Liquor + Book Arrivals at the Office 2/8/14

A big batch of new booze and books arrived over the past week here at Alcademics HQ. Which is good because I'm thirsty for both knowledge and liquor. 

Photo 2



I could probably mix up an office cocktail right now with ginger juice, orange liqueur, and vodka or whiskey. I guess I'm working late tonight...


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Sinjin Eberle

Will be interested to read what you think about that Tincup whiskey...


Ginger juice? That sounds like a Snoop Dogg song. Have to let us know how that is and how to use it.

Camper English

I haven't cracked open the ginger juice yet, but plan to use it to make ginger beer. Typically we'd just use a syrup for that as it has the needed sugar included but many syrups are extra heavy on the sweetener so this is one that can be adjusted to preference with simple syrup and soda water. (Ginger People also makes a ginger syrup; haven't tried it yet either.) The cool thing is that the juice only has added citric acid (basically dehydrated citrus to help preserve it) and the syrup has sugar; no crazy chemicals.

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