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Dave Grier

So I love the Alcademics ice posts, which seem to have taken on a bit of a legendary status for people searching for cocktail stuffs on the internet, but everything requires a large freezer and/or cutting large ice cubes, which is quite a hassle.

This simple silicon ice tray - - causes the water to freeze downward, leaving all the cloudiness and impurities at the bottom of the cube. Drop each cube on a hot skillet, cloudy bit down, for a couple of seconds, and you have a perfectly clear near-cube with way less hassle than all the awesome tech you've figured out.

Your custom tray no doubt creates a better product in the end, but for those of us who don't have the time/freezer space, this is a low-commitment solution to gorgeous old-fashioneds.

Camper English

I don't think the silicone trays force it to freeze downward (it doesn't in my freezer), but your set-up probably does- my guess it is sets upon something insulated-ish and the cold air blows from the top. In any case, I support the easy solution in every situation and you've found it.

Also, it doesn't necessitate having a large freezer, just that you don't waste all that lovely space for ice with food :)

Dave Grier

If it helps, I set the trays on the bottom of my freezer, so perhaps it's colder up top causing it to freeze downward? My freezer has a ribbed bottom which caused the trays not to sit flat, so they froze with protrusions on the bottom from the weight of the water and the softness of the trays. I tried to fix this by setting the trays on a cookie sheet and this caused the typical cloudy center, which I imagine is a result of an ice cold cookie sheet sitting underneath the tray. I don't know if these results are repeatable but if they help anyone else, that's my ice voodoo :)

Thanks for the work you've done, ice is truly our most underappreciated ingredient!

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