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Enter the Tuaca Napkin Art Contest (Sponsored)

Cocktail napkins have long served as the unofficial medium for spontaneous brilliance. From award winning films to Fortune 500 companies, some of the world’s boldest ideas have unfolded on a bar napkin. 
To help celebrate this phenomenon, Tuaca Liqueur is inviting artists of all types to share what ignites their creativity on what is arguably the perfect canvas for serendipitous inspiration. 
The idea is simple: Draw, doodle or illustrate whatever it is that inspires you on a 5x5 cocktail napkin. Once completed, snap a photo of your creation and upload it to a virtual gallery at Tuacaart.com for a chance at $5,000.
Check out the current gallery of entrants here
This post was sponsored by Tuaca. 


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does this need to be hand drawn? looks like some people are just uploading digital art or compositing it onto a napkin... Most are hand drawn, but it's unclear if it has to be.

Camper English

Sorry I don't know the answer to this. It says "draw, doodle, or illustrate" - if there is a contact address on the website, I'd check with them, as I've just posted the announcement I wouldn't have an 'official' answer for you.

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