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Wade Woodard

No mistakes and good newbie good to the basics. I wish you had mentioned Straight Bourbon vs Bourbon, but I can see where that might lose some.

Wade Woodard

newbie guide


Certainly very basic but I presume that was the goal. You mention whiskey can be made anywhere but it might have been useful to add a category of "Other International Whisky" and mention briefly other countries starting to appear on the market with more regularity like Australia, India, Taiwan, France, New Zealand, Sweden, England, Wales and the Netherlands. All of these have a half dozen or more options on the Whisky Exchange website for example.

Camper English

I considered it but decided I didn't have anything to say without saying a lot. Certainly there's a lot of exciting things happening in international whiskey these days.


What about the "Blended Malts" (previously "vatted"). Monkey Shoulder for one is always easy for the barman to wrap his head (and lips) around, but the neophyte drinker often gets thrown in a loop. For the record I preferred the term Vatted. It sounded more fancy and secret like.

Camper English

I figured that there are only a few of them so it was best lest skipped for the purposes of this story. And I agree about vatted vs blended - that was a really lame decision.

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