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Specialty Cocktail Ice Providers

This is a list of specialty cocktail ice providers - companies that make large, clear ice such as 2-inch cubes, spheres, and spears. Many of them also make sculpture ice but this list is not for that. 

I haven't put them in any order, so you'll have to look through the list to find ones in your area. 

Outside USA

Ice cube
Image: Chisel-It



An index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics can be found here.


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Favourite Ice in DC

Andrew Ho

I'm surprised to not see any San Francisco companies here. I guess maybe it's trendy in the Bay Area for bartenders at high end bars to take out their own chainsaws? I've got too small of a home freezer to fit much of a cooler, so I've been hoping for a local provider that I could pick up, say, one or two dozen large cubes at a time from.

Chisel-it in Concord seems closest, but they don't list prices on their website (or images of cubes).

Camper English

Yep as far as I know, nobody provides central ice services for big cubes in SF, and everyone cuts their own. Crazy, right?

Josh Herthe

Yelo Luxury Ice - Miami, FL


Top shelf cocktail bars like Sardi's in Manhattan

Casey Conner

Ice Lab - Washington D.C. and Baltimore Maryland - Artisanal Cocktail Ice

Casey Conner


Mister Ice Guy - Miami Fl



Les Marchands ( in Montreal.

Camper English


Nathan Moran

Artisan Ice
Charlotte , NC

Ryan D

Brilliant Ice Co
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hailey Berkey

On The Rock, Hawaii's Craft Ice Co - Located in Honolulu.
Mahalo for all that you do!

Hailey Berkey


Ice Cubed Hawaii

Sean T Leahy

Full Spectrum Ice- Austin and San Antonio TX

Sean T Leahy

Full Spectrum Ice- Austin and San Antonio TX

Melt New Orleans


Any Ice in Atlanta area??

Camper English

I just updated the site with a name of a company in Atlanta... though I didn't find their website since they chose the name of a popular ice cube tray...


Doggery Craft Ice
A veteran owned craft ice company serving Central Florida.


Glenn R.Hughes

Crystal Image Ice

Glenn R.Hughes

Crystal Image Ice or K & Z Ice Carvings LLC
Atlanta, Ga

Ryan Dorsey

Brilliant Ice Co. in Salt Lake City, Utah

Melissa Walling

Art Below Zero
Franksville, WI
Premium Cocktail Ice

Laurel Leamon

frank class

franks ice pa has craft ice

Randy Robinson

Clearly Chilled in Huntsville Alabama. They make craft cocktail ice and ice carvings

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