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Resources about Tequila and Mezcal: Books, Movies, Websites

Photo 1Agave-obsessive Bobby Heugel of Anvil and Pastry War in Houston collected a list of resources about tequila and mezcal that I asked if I could share it.

Not all are in English, and most are hard to find, but this should give people somewhere to begin the search. Links when present are to


  • Margarita Rocks: Mix and Enjoy More than 70 Fabulous Margaritas and Tequila-Based Cocktails - Henry Besant and Andres Masso [link]
  • Alcohol in Ancient Mexico - Henry J. Bruman [link]
  • En lo Ancestral hay Futuro: Del Tequila, Los Mezcales y Otros Agaves - Patricia Colunga-Garcia Marin, Alfonso Larque Saavedra, Luis E. Eguiarte, Daniel Zizumbo-Villareal
  • Mezcal in Oaxaca: Hecho a Mano - Enos Ignacio Cozier
  • The Tequila Lover’s Guide to Mexico: Everything There is to Know About Tequila... Including How to Get There - Lance Cutler [link]
  • The Book of Tequila – Bob Emmons [link]
  • The Tequila Ambassador - Tomas Estes [link]
  • Maguey Mezcalero, Cultivo, Prodduccion de Mezcal y Fertilizacion - Eleazar Brenda Garcia
  • Agaves of Continental North America - Howard Scott Gentry [link]
  • Mezcal, Our Essence - Yuri de Gortari and Edmundo Escamilla
  • Viva Tequila! Cooking with the Spirit of Mexico - Lucinda Hutson [link]
  • Mesa Grill Guide to Tequila - Lawrence Kretchmer [link]
  • Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico - Enrique Martínez Limón [link]
  • Oaxaca Tierra de Maguey y Mezcal - Alberto Sanchez Lopez
  • Tequila Tradicion y Destino - Carlos Monsivais [link]
  • Vinazas: The Corpse of the Spirit of Mexico – M.A. “Mike” Morales [link]
  • The Anatomy of Mezcal - Iván Saldaña Oyarzábal
  • Maguey Utilization in Highland Central Mexico: An Archeological Ethnograpy - Jeffrey R. Parsons & Mary H. Parsons
  • Tequila - Alberto Ruy-Sanchez and Margarita de Orellana [link]
  • Mezcalaria - Ulises Torrentera
  • Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History - Ana G. Valenzuela-Zapata & Gary Paul Nabhan [link]
  • El Agave Tequilero, Cultivo e Industria de Mexico - Ana G Valenzuela Zapata
  • Agaves del Occidente de Mexico - J. Antonio Vasquez-Garcia, Miguel de J. Chazaro B., Gerardo Hernandez Vera, Ericka Flores Berrio, Yalma L. Vargas-Rodriguez
  • El Vino Mezcal, Tequila, y la Polemica Sobre la Destilacion Prehispanica - Miguel Claudio Jimenes Vizcarra
  • Tequila: The Book - Ann and Larry Walker
  • La Historia del Tequila de sus Regiones y sus Hombres - Rogelio Luna Zamora
  • Introduction to Tequila: A Refinated Tradition – Various Contributors via Consejo Regulador del Tequila
  • Ciencia y Tecnologia del Tequila Avances y Perspectivas - Various Contributors via CIATEJ
  • Holy Smoke! It's Mezcal by John P. McEvoy [buy it]



  • Los Mezcales" - Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia-Colima
  • Viva Mezcal - Pedro Jiménez Gurría