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Ginger Beer Cocktails in Saveur's June Drink Insert

Saveur magazine has an insert in the June/July issue that is a mini-magazine called Drink. I wrote a handful of stories for it.

Saveur Drink Cover


I'll post them as they show up online (get excited, ice fans!), but the first to appear is a story on ginger beer. It's a bit of history, a bit about the difference between ginger ale and beer, and several recipes for drinks that show how it goes with everything:

  • Audrey Saunder's Gin-Gin Mule (gin)
  • Erick Castro's Kentucky Buck (bourbon)
  • Horse's Neck (cognac) 
  • Dark 'N' Stormy (rum)
  • El Diablo (tequila)

Kentucky buck

I'm not sure if the Chilcano (pisco) will appear anywhere, but that's a pretty easy one to figure out. 

The main story with fun illustrated recipes as above is here.

Or to see the recipes written in normal format, you can follow this link



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I'm pretty sure that you didn't mean for the El Diablo recipe to us 12 oz of creme de cassis. Maybe 1/2 oz?

Looks like some tasty stuff!

Camper English

Thanks for the catch! Correct, it is 1/2 ounce- I'll have them fix it. It's right on the individual recipe page but misprinted there.

Joseph Shore-Goss

i really would like to find a hard copy of this insert

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