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New Booze: Real Gusto Tequila

Tequilas from Real Gusto

Real Gusto 1Real Gusto Tequila has launched in Texas. Real Gusto Tequila is an organic, 100% agave spirit made on the 600-acre Rancho Las Lomitas in Central-Western Mexico outside Jalisco in the small-town of Amacueca. The tequila is made in small batches on the property, starting from the planting and nurturing of the agave plant to the distillation process. Real Gusto has been family-operated for 48 years and is USDA Organic certified, free from fertilizers and insecticides. 

The Real Gusto production process starts in the fields of Jalisco, where little agaves are planted and tended to. Weeds are removed every two months by hand and the agave plants are allowed to grow without fertilizers for 8 to 12 years. After the plants have matured, the jimador, or agave farmer, cuts the leaves of the heart of the agave (piñas) so the core is exposed and then it gets cooked in stone and masonry ovens. The piñas are cooked with water vapor for as long as 48 hours.

The milling process is done with traditional old mills that extract the juice from the cooked piña. The juices are mixed with spring water from the property to achieve the desired concentration and then stored to ferment. A batch can take up to seven days to ferment because there are no additives to the yeast. Once the fermentation process is done, the fermented juices are put in copper stills and distilled twice.

After distillation, Tequila Real Gusto is moved to a stainless steel tank for two days. The tequila is then taken to a filtering station where spring water is added and the final product is bottled. 

Real Gusto Blanco (Silver) is the traditional flavor.

Real Gusto Reposado (Aged) is stored six months in white oak barrels.

Real Gusto Añejo (Extra Aged) is stored for more than a year in white oak barrels.

SRP $40-50

See for more information 


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