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New Booze: Jim Beam Signature Craft: Quarter Cask and Harvest Bourbon

Quarter Cask and Harvest Bourbon Collection from Jim Beam Signature Craft

JB_SC_Harvest_RiceFrom Jim Beam Signature Craft comes Quarter Cask and the Harvest Bourbon Collection, a series of six bourbons distilled from different grains. 

Quarter Cask is the third edition from the Jim Beam Signature Craft line and second limited time edition expression.

Quarter Cask is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon that starts with Jim Beam liquid aged at least five years, and is finished with a variety of unique quarter cask liquids, all aged four to eight years in smaller barrels. It is bottled at 86 proof. 

Quarter Cask has a suggested retail price of $39.99 for 750ML

Harvest Bourbon Collection

The first two grain representations in the Harvest Burbon collection – Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice, both aged 11 years and bottled at 90 proof – will be released this September. The four remaining expressions – Rolled Oat, Triticale, High Rye and Six Row Barley – will be released throughout 2015.

Harvest Bourbon Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice both have a suggested retail price of $49.99 for a 375mL

All of these new expressions will be available in select retail locations nationwide starting in September 2014.

For more information visit


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