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Trick Dog's New San Francisco Tourist Map Menu, Launching Tonight

San Francisco bar Trick Dog is launching their new menu tonight (this afternoon, actually. They open at 3PM) and they've allowed me to post it here on Alcademics. 

The menu is an 11x15 tri-fold San Francisco map with recipes corresponding to tourist attractions, illustrated by Jack W Schneider.




Most drinks include one or more surprising ingredients that pop out, like melon soda, shortbread, dandelion, fenugreek, and horseradish.

There are also a lot of reshing ingredients on there that should be right in time for San Francisco's summer beginning in the next month or two. 

Trick Dog_City Lights
City Lights Cocktail. Photo by Allison Webber Photography


Td castroIn addition to the map menu, Trick Dog has printed up 13 postcards – one for each of the drinks / landmarks – and drinkers will be able to send a postcard per visit to friends or family, and Trick Dog will pick up the postage.  

They'll have a postbox on-site to collect the postcards and will send them to the post office. Now all you have to do is remember someone's mailing address, which should be even more difficult after a few cocktails.

To the right is a preview of a postcard.