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New Booze: Dark Origins from Highland Park

Highland Park Announces Dark Origins

HP Dark Origins bottle 750ml HRHighland Park Single Malt Scotch announces the launch of a new core expression inspired by its founder, Magnus Eunson.

Establishing a secret bunker in the hills of High Park in Orkney, Magnus ‘Mansie’ Eunson became a famed dark distiller back in the late 1700s, creating whisky for the people of Orkney.

Dark Origins, a non-chill filtered single malt with an ABV of 46.8%, will start to appear on shelves in July and roll out internationally throughout autumn 2014. It uses twice as many first fill sherry casks than in the classic Highland Park 12 year old resulting in a naturally darker, richer flavor.

Highland Park is one of the few distilleries not using distiller’s caramel and so Dark Origins takes its natural color from the interaction between spirit and cask.

Dark Origins will be available from specialist independent whisky retailers, at the Highland Park distillery and at an SRP of $79.99.

About Highland Park:

Established in 1798 on Orkney, Highland Park is one of the most remote Scotch whisky distilleries in the world. For over 200 years, the distillery has been creating 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 30 and 40 year old single malts. 


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Other than the bump in sherry, are there any other distinctions? Is the age statement going to be 12 or is this a blend of different ages?

Camper English

At least on the front label there is no age statement on this one - I have the bottle at home and if there is one on the back I'll comment again but I kinda doubt it.

There must be a movement going on - Bowmore Small Batch, Laphroaig Select, and this all coming out at the same time with no age statements...

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