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Testing Out An Electric Cocktail Mixer (With Slo-Mo Video!)

I was intrigued by the Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer from Metrokane because I am lazy and stirring my own cocktails burns too many calories. It's going for less than $14 on Amazon. So I decicded to give it a try. 


The thing is made of plastic and has a little battery-powered plastic propeller on the bottom. 

The question really is, how does it stand up to ice? So I put in three kinds of ice: ice cube ice (eww, I would never use such a thing in real life, so cloudy), big chunks of clear ice, and big (yet cloudy) ice balls.

I filmed them in slo-mo mode on my phone just for fun. The ice is quickly sucked to the bottom of the shaker and sticks there while it stirs at high speed. All of the below videos are super short so check 'em out. And the sound is kind of awesome in slo-mo speed as well. 

Regular ice cube ice:

Big chunks of ice:

Ice balls:

For me, it's all fun and good. I like this toy and it's  fun party trick.

Buy one here.