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New Booze: Reformulated Wheeler's Gin from Santa Fe Spirits

Wheeler's Gin Relaunches from Santa Fe Spirits

SantaFeSpirits_ginSanta Fe Spirits originally created Wheeler’s Gin to express the terroir of the New Mexico desert with its native scrub sage and cholla cactus blossoms. Owner of Santa Fe Spirits Colin Keegan brought in John Jeffery, formerly Head Distiller for Death’s Door Spirits to help reformulate the product.

Rather than try to match the original gin exactly John took the existing botanicals (juniper, cholla cactus blossom, osha root, sage, and hops) and exercised some creative license to produce what he hopes truly matches the original vision of Wheeler’s: A gin that evokes the smell of the desert after a rain and seeks to highlight the unusual ingredients and their character.


Cholla cactus blossom is hand harvested by Santa Fe Spirits staff and friends in spring. Osha root, traditionally a medicinal root used by Native Americans, brings the earthy grounding background usually found in angelica root. White desert sage, having some of the compounds found in fennel, carries not only the herbal aroma of the desert but brings a touch of sweetness to the finish of the gin. Hops in this gin are nearly undetectable and are used primarily to add body and to round out the experience of the other botanicals.

The botanicals are distilled separately with a combination of vapor extraction and maceration.

Santa Fe Spirits Wheelers Gin sells for a suggested retail price of $32 and is currently distributed in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas.




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