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Which Countries Grow the Most Potatoes?

Potato4I'm doing a research project looking at potatoes, sponsored by Karlsson's Vodka

Potatoes originally come from Peru, but they're only the 18th largest producers of the crop. China and India, which are relatively new producers of potatoes, are the top growers. 

Then the US and Russia are nearly tied for third and fourth. I for one, am doing my share of potato-eating and drinking to keep America strong. 

Not many potatoes are exported (less than 5% by one calculation); they're not much of a commodity crop. 

According to FAOSTAT, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations- Statistics Division, the top potato-producing countries in 2012 were:

RankAreaProduction (Int $1000)FlagProduction (MT)Flag
1 China, mainland 11470356 * 87260000 *
2 India 7082050 * 41483000  
3 United States of America 2987382 * 20990738  
4 Russian Federation 2793937 * 29532530  
5 Germany 1665632 * 10665600  
6 Ukraine 1598029 * 23250200  
7 Bangladesh 1312276 * 8205470  
8 Netherlands 1038951 * 6765618  
9 Poland 989377 * 9091900  
10 France 972314 * 6340807  
11 Iran (Islamic Republic of) 881036 * 5400000 F
12 Turkey 765590 * 4795122  
13 Canada 740998 * 4590296  
14 Algeria 687124 * 4219476  
15 Egypt 678837 * 4758040  
16 United Kingdom 663815 * 4553000  
17 Pakistan 661503 * 3393000  
18 Peru 628456 * 4474713  
19 Brazil 590224 * 3731798  
20 Malawi

Though I know some Korean soju is distilled from potatoes, and after sweet potatoes regular potatoes are the most common Japanese shochu base ingredient, but I don't know if any Chinese or Indian beverages are made from potatoes.


KarlssonsBottleKarlsson's Potato Vodka Facts

Sweden doesn't crack the top 20 potato-producing countries, but they sure grow potatoes there. In fact, if you search for "Swedish potatoes" you will find a ton of recipes, including something called Hasselback potatoes which looks amazing. 

But the traditional summertime potatoes are called new potatoes aka fresh potatoes aka "färskpotatis" which sounds to me like "freshpotatoes" when spoken. The ripen in the summer and their skins are not mature so they slide right off. They are tiny and you eat them lightly boiled with dill and butter, though they're pretty buttery to start with. 

It is from these heirloom potato varieties - seven of them- that Karlsson's vodka is distilled. They are distilled separately then blended together. They have also released two limited-edition, single-varietal vintage potato vodkas each with a widely different and robust character. 

I visited Sweden a few years ago and wrote about how Karlsson's is made here


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One of the healthiest food.

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