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Cheri Loughlin, better known on the internet as blogger/corporate mixologist The Intoxicologist, has released a book of cocktail recipes and erotic stories due out October 14.

The book title is Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair with Mixology and Seduction. There are 12 short stories and 27 cocktail recipes. 

Cocktails with a Tryst Cover Image

But if you're like me, you're wondering, "Are there cocktails in the erotic stories?"

This is how I imagined it:

"Oh Sam," she moaned, adding 3/8 ounce of 3:1 honey syrup to the shaker according to the original Penicillin recipe, "I brought the Honey, now you provide the Milk."

But in reality: Not so much. There are some scenes that take place in bars (while drinking Martinis) and after cleaning up bars (then the after-hours fun begins). Champagne is used in one scene as a garnish... of sorts.

There are also a few scenes involving ice, and you know that makes me excited anyway. 

Recipe-wise, drink names are often paired with the story scenes. For example, after a changing-room encounter in a lingerie store with a woman named Brandy, it is suggested that one might make the Brandied Bustier (with dark rum, apricot brandy, orange liqueur, and lime juice), or Brandy's Exquisite Cherry (brandy, spiced rum, port, maraschino cherry syrup).

The recipes tend include champagne and/or orange juice; I'd consider them brunchy in general.  

Though I can be a real snob about drinks served in cocktail bars, with drink books written by drag queens and coming from drunken YouTube video stars and bundled with erotic fiction, I can enjoy the occasional bit of fun. 



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Blair Frodelius

Brunchy sex? Hmmm...

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