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A Potato Clock As A Cocktail Garnish

Not that I don't have a life or anything, but I ordered a potato science experiment kit to play with since I was studying potatoes with Karlsson's Vodka

The science kit wasn't as awesome as expected - many of the experiments were using a potato chip bag or a Pringles lid- but I did build a potato clock. And because I had so, so many potatoes around after measuring how many potatoes it takes to make a bottle of vodka, I decided to use some of the smaller ones to make a potato clock cocktail garnish. 

It's not very practical, but it looks awesome if you're a dork.

Potato clock

The basic science of a potato clock is (source): 

The metal strips and potatoes make a simple battery that creates the electricity to operate the clock. It converts the chemical energy stored in the metal strips into electrical energy. In an electrochemical cell, such as the potato battery, the copper wire makes the electrons move in the potato, causing energy to move into the clock.

Karlsson's Vodka

KarlssonsBottleKarlsson's Vodka is also made from potatoes but is more often used to power fun rather than clocks. I researched vodka, Swedish vodka, potatoes, and potato vodka as well as made some silly arts and crafts projects along the way in a project with this vodka. Here are all the posts: