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Bartender-Recommended Dry Sparkling Wines for Cocktails

Many cocktail recipes call for a splash or more of dry sparkling wine - but not all "brut" sparkling wines are dry as promised and previous random purchases at my local ghetto liquor store have proven to be bad choices. 

Recently I reached out to bartenders on Facebook for advice on particular brands and/or categories of dry sparkling wines that they use in cocktails. I've pasted their responses below. Apologies for the formatting. 


Anna-codorniu-nuevaNick Britsky: I'm a fan of Piper Sonoma.

Will Hollingsworth: Codorniu Anna de Codorniu Cava Brut. the codorniu original is good too, but the anna is lighter/crisper/dryer, which i think makes it better for cocktails, whether there's simple syrup or lump sugar in them.

Andrew Marks: Verichon and Clerc blanc de blanc

Gareth Wainwright: I'm using a boutique MCC from Elgin in the western Cape for my French 75 going onto my first menu. Super crisp collar enough fruit to see the other flavours shine through. Having a bit of pinot menieur also adds to earthy flavours when working with smoky whiskies or London dry gin. 100% chardonnays in my opinion are just a little too flat but Charles Fox NV brut is my weapon of choice... For now. Otherwise Belstar Prosecco is in my Bellinis

Maggie Campbell: I stay away from the rubbery smell of cava and use German Sekt. Cheap!

Jennifer Seidman: Campo viejo cava, cheap, dry, yummy.

Ran Van Ongevalle: Cremant De Loire ! Silex !

Ben Belmans: Depends on the recipe

CremantloireGene Samuel: St hilaire blanc DE blanc. The Cocktail it is used in is the "Goodbye blue sky" that Andrew Pollard created

Seth Marquez: Anna cordorniu!

David Greig: Krug.

Drew Garison: Secco from Charles Smith

Michael Martensen: Castellar Cava

Jennifer English: Segura Viudas

Jabriel Donohue: Torreorea Cava Brut, spanish producer from Requena. Good balance of price and quality for the Oregon market.

Robin James Wynne: Henry of Pelham catherine cuvee and rose

Scott Baird: i prefer cold duck Zardetto_Prosecco

Justin Cardwell: Jeio bisol prosecco

Anthony DeSerio: Depends on the cocktail. Mostly mionetto il cost effective and versatile.

Jen Len: Depends on the cocktail but definitely Crémant if cocktail calls for super dry yeasty champagne. Prosecco is always great for a touch of fruity and offdryness. Not many great cavas so I haven't played much with it.

Chris Bostick: Marcel Martin Cremant de Loire. Agreed with Jen Len and the Cremant comment. Best affordable option for classics imo.

Gabriel Lowe: La Marca for me (wine warehouse last time I checked), dry, cheap, delicious.

Dennis Lapuyade: Cremant de Bourgogne. The one from Jean-Paul Brun is excellent. Must be dry and chalky.

Rafa García: Febles Casteller's Cava is what we use and what I've seen in a few other bars around here. It's creamier and more flavorful than a lot of other cheap Cavas.

Jason Kosmas: I have used Zardetto Prosecco since 1998